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Derek looking at mans boobs whenever a man I don't think I'm disappointed with anything that happened in the final season I'm disappointed with the stuff that didn't happen (Other than a few pieces of dialogue that I feel was out of place) I feel like part of the disappointment comes from how fast the last season was, and the other part comes from the show's writing post Jon Snow's resurrection, before season 8 This is how the show was going to end, but because they didn't have the books anymore, surely there was a lot left out between Jon Snow being resurrected and season 8 Episode 4 of this season I feel like was the prime example of people overreacting, not appreciating the show instead of their expectations, and just being butthurt Episode 4 was so much about characters either figuring out what their true home's were, or foreshadowing that they would find it S1 E1, Direwolves south of the wall; they are never that far south Jon asks his friend whose home is north to take Ghost because that's his 'home' And Jon is told that's where he belongs too, and Jon acknowledges it Jaime realizes he longs to be with Cersei; Really guys? You think one of the most complex characters in television history is going to start by being a bad guy, and just end up being a good guy? He was meant to be hated and loved from the beginning One thing GRRM has said himself is how he doesn't usually like for human characters to be solely good or solely evil, because that's not how human's are Jaime and Cersei entered the world still holding on to each other, they left the world holding on to each other Cersei died in fear Lo, and behold; most of our characters ended the show in their true home's Jon reunited with Ghost in the north (and gave him a pet, which made it painfully obvious to me that they knew fans were going to be upset he didn't pet him in e4) Tormund; in the North Sansa, in Winterfell Tyrion, hand of the king Jaimie and Cersei, died holding each other Arya, continuing to live a life in parallel to how Lyanna's personality was described Dany got exactly what she saw in the house of the undying visionSome things not being made a little more clear, or being left out entirely, is what I think is upsetting people right now, and later on will be more palatable to people Why did Jon still have to go North after the unsullied left? Well, Gendry and Yara aren't too happy he killed Dany either Gendry could easily come around, all it would take is a slap in the face or a piece of tail from Arya Yara on the other hand, she isn't going to have it But, there is one giant thing that I feel even though it's the proper ending, I feel like they really fucked up getting us to it And that's King Bran the Broken (There is more foreshadowing in the books for this than the show You have Bran the Builder making the wall for instance, many years before Now we have Bran the Broken (Builder) Rebuilding what was destroyed) I understand the idea that everything Bran does is a carefully thought out action meant to cause a butterfly effect But it would be nice if that could be ignored a little bit to give some more explanation Does he ACTUALLY not want things, or was he saying that to get to the throne? Is he like Varys? And actually cares about the Realm? More than anything what I thought was important wasn't who ended up on the throne, but how it was decided I really thought something closer to what Sam suggested is what was going to happen Or at least something in between And that a 'bead system' like the Nights Watch had is what would be declared to be the way rulers were chosen for good It shouldn't just be the prince of dorne, lord of the iron islands, lord of the vale, the crownlands, reach, stormlands, westerlands, and riverlands It should be them, and then at least the lords of the houses within them as well So the lord of Riverrun AND Harenhaal Lannisport and Casterly Rock All the noble houses So it should have been closer to saying about 100 people or so will meet to decide a new king each time Rather than implying it will just be essentially 8 people, the one at the head of each kingdom, plus Dorne and Iron Islands But even if that had worked out being more well established, even if it was still just 8 people deciding we needed better foreshadowing, and better reasoning for it to be Bran That's my really long take I think it definitely will be remembered way better than it was received Especially once the books are out I feel like only the things that didn't happen is what led to people being disappointed, and everything that did happen wouldn't have had to change at all It got rushed, and they didn't have the books, just a few details about the books I hope that I get to see ASOIAF made on screen in a big production again in my lifetime Because I do have a lot of faith that GRRM will properly finish his books, and that this story will be an epic that survives history as long, and with as much notoriety, as works like Beowulf I doubt HBO's GoT will be the only on screen adaptation to ever exist I just hope I am around to see the next one Phat thick ass booty Topless naked nude beach party Twink tube blog. 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Julian, it'll take some time for you foreigners to learn laws and common sense rules of the roads in the US until then it's going to cost a lot of time, paperwork and $$$, have fun Omg this is so cool๐Ÿ˜Hey army where's your voice???๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ Interracial breeding movies. Shoulda covered up, Corey Shoulda covered up RIP your career Talented boys, they deserve this recognition and love Jevil vibes are god, Just when he keeps saying, "I CAN DO ANYTHING" Experiments with him are hard, just when he mix'es everything up Tight jeans milf boots. I love you so much and I love this video You are the best person in the world I can't wait for these give-a-slay and I am sister shook about what you are giving away I did what you said I watch all your videos and they are inspiring Ilyโค๏ธ Oooo I donโ€™t have a Twitter or Snapchat though Free hermaphrodite porn clips Me: *sees title*What the frick? That doesn't even make any senseI genuinely want to know what twisted logic suggests that refusing to pull on a girl's hair is sexist What?. America would lose, anyone who genuinely thinks a civil war is a good idea needs a bullet in their empty heads What's happening to your episodes they used to be longer than this Plot Twist:- Bindu vi Neetu ko yhi bataye ki Neetu vi saccha pyar kanika ko kartih haiand Usko nhi exactly jyesah neetu kanika ko bataya Neetu ka first choice toh Kanika hi thaBindu nhipyar me pagal vi o kanika k liye hi tha or shayed avi vi haitoh bindu kiyun manle usko?? Bindu vi kiyunki neetu exactly ohi sabh bolde jo neetu kanika ko bola tha abt her ex Tab kyaa??. BruhitszachTo Badzach To Zach ClaytonNext thing we know he's gonna be changing his name to Zachary Clayton
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You are enjoyable guy Really New sub!!#filthyfranknostalgia #macdemarcofan lol Lupit talaga ng rusi ni ka yupak, parang r6 yng dating hahaha ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ–•โœŒ๏ธ. We can't tip everyone The economy isn't set up that way In South Africa, 10% as a tip is standard but you aren't forced Now they work hard but so do miners and teachers and garden workers who don't get tipped Likesigh** I agree with Loni Restaurants need to up the pay period Lmao no different than dare on bull shit Alisha could you please please please please please please please do more omg awkward I love that series โ™กโ™ฅโ™ก Local adult hotline. I'm 13 seconds into the video and I just wanna fuckin die This kid is cancer If you are the parent to this child abort yourself I have a suggestion for Taurus, her name could be Tori or Tauri :P. 4:40 I play percussion and I am in 4th grade I was literally just watching subway videos and yes I have seen the like a thousand times. โ€œkalvin gaaraahโ€thatโ€™s how we know sheโ€™s a fan *plz donโ€™t put pressure on these boys or say theyโ€™re better than bts Bts deserve a break from all the attention and itโ€™s taking a toll on their mental health and bodies* Thanks for another nice video from Canada, I like the country more and more What drone do you have? I was drinking hot chocolate while watching this video and when i saw 14:18 i almost spit my chocolate ๐Ÿ˜‚ And I am staying in Dubai I love you guys too much. How did shawn guess that chase was the neighbor in the first round YES THE WEAVE!!(Your reactions are priceless ๐Ÿ˜‚โค๏ธโœŒ๐Ÿป). I hate that kidI wish he was deadSorry I have limitsHe went past Didnt your brother go there in the daylight.
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